Try 1 month for free. No strings attached.

€ 7.99/month

3 beautiful cards of your choice between Maestro, Mastercard Debit and bunq Travel Card.
25 bunq bank accounts, each with its own unique IBAN.
Apple Pay and Google Pay (only in selected countries).
Open joint accounts with your friends, family or partner(s).
Send payments (also via SMS and Email).
Send and receive money requests.
10 ATM cash withdrawals per month.
International non-euro card payments and withdrawals.
Power up your bunq account with 3rd party services and plugins, using your bunq API key.
Top up with iDeal, Sofort or Bank Transfer.
Top up with a credit or debit card up to €500/month.
Deposit cash into your account with Withdraw & Deposit
First €100 per month included, 1.5% after

Got even bigger needs?

After the first 25 included bunq bank accounts, another 25 bunq bank accounts with unique IBANs cost €19/month.
Need more cards? After the first 3, an extra or a replacement card costs €9. If you have more than 3 active cards, each extra one costs €2/month (Maestro) or €3/month (Mastercard Debit and bunq Travel Card).
After the first 10 included withdrawals, each additional withdrawal costs €0.99.
After the first €500 of credit or debit card top ups a month, each additional top up costs 0.5% for EU cards, 2.5% for non-EU cards.

bunq is better together! Share up to 4 Premium memberships or 3 Premium and 1 Business for €19.99. Read more here.

Your money is guaranteed

Your money (up to € 100,000.00) is protected by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme. See how it works on​

No Strings Attached

If for any reason you decide bunq Premium is not for you, that's no problem. You can downgrade to bunq Travel Card at any time — no extra costs involved. When you downgrade:
All your cards will be deactivated with the exception of your Travel Card. If you do not already have a bunq Travel Card, you can order one on your new membership.
All your accounts will have to be closed. You can only keep one account open on a bunq Travel Card membership.
All features exclusive to bunq Premium (such as Savings Goals and will be blocked.
Your API keys will be deactivated.
You won't be able to open new bunq bank accounts as long as you are using bunq Travel Card.

That's it!