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bunq - bank of the free

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the true alternative to traditional banking

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beyond traditional banking

No branches, no queues, just immediate access and support whenever you need it. Get your bank account in less than 5 minutes. All you'll ever need is your mobile phone.

do whatever you want, wherever you are

We make moving money super easy. Instantly send or request payments. Share bank accounts with friends, family, or roommates. Buy across the globe with our Worldwide Mastercard. How, when or where you use your money is entirely up to you.

your money, your privacy, your control

With bunq you have complete control of what’s yours. Your privacy is not for sale, and your money is never invested in any shady businesses.

more to do with your newfound freedom

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our memberships

Have clear fees, easy contracts and flexible terms. Choose the one that fits you best. pricing overview >

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