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bunq, bank of the free
Enjoy the freedom of bunq. Sign up through the app to create your bunq bank account!

An alternative to regular banks.

At bunq we are constantly creating new ways to deal with money. Thanks to our independence we can be totally different from traditional banks. 

This is why we don't invest in shady companies, sell your information or waste your time by making you come to our branch.

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Free To Group

Create new group accounts instantly and share them with your partner(s), family or friends!

Sharing is easier with bunq

Free To Roam

Handle all of your banking business wherever you are and whenever you want. All you need is your phone.

Experience mobile comfort

Free From Harm

bunq does not invest your money in shady industries & companies. Your data is safe with us: we won't sell it!

Forget traditional banks

bunq bank accounts for you.

What makes bunq bank accounts great:

Real Time

Instant payments, live overview of transactions & direct notifications when you use your card.

Group bunq bank accounts

Create a new account instantly & allow your friends, family or partner(s) to use it.

Fully mobile

No paperwork, unnecessary trips or waiting lines. All you need is your mobile phone.

Slice your expenses.

Create a Slice group with your buddies, track expenses, chat with each other & share pictures.


Going on a holiday? Start Slicing today!


Slice teamdrinks, teamlunches and teamoutings.


You split the house, now easily Slice the costs.

bunq bank accounts for your business.

Be surprised by the ease of real-time bookkeeping, power of direct payments, and the agility of only needing your mobile phone. 

Reduce overhead by distributing fully manageable debit cards amongst your employees & rest assured knowing that your bunq account is entirely sustainable.

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bunq Public API.

Build great apps or simply integrate your business with our real-time API. The bunq Public API enables you to fully automate all your financial activity. Explore the unprecedented benefits.

bunq together.

Let’s join together. At we can ask questions, gain knowledge and share experiences with each other.