bunq Business

Through instant notifications & crystal clear overviews, we offer you the tools to focus on what's most important: your business. You can open your bunq Business account within 5 minutes, straight from your phone.

you are in control

You get real-time access to your money, instant requests and the freedom to set up shop everywhere. Forget cash, forget dragging around pin machines: your phone is all you need!

instant requests

Get your money back easily and swiftly by sending out a request. As soon as your Request is accepted you get your money. Instantly.

conduct business everywhere

Set up shop wherever you are by using your phone as a pin machine.

phone contacts

There's no need to hand out IBANs, your customers can use their phone to pay you on the spot.

24/7 overview

The app gives you an around-the-clock and real-time overview of your accounts.

easy bookkeeping

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Nobody likes bookkeeping. That's why we automated it. You can make a real-time connection with online accountancy firms so you never have to worry about bookkeeping again!

cashless small expenses

Get a worldwide Mastercard for every employee and keep track of company expenses in real-time. Instantly share transaction data with your accountant and never worry about saving receipts again.

worldwide cards

Use bunq worldwide Mastercards for all online and offline company expenses.

keep track

Keep track of all purchases in your real-time account overview.

link cards

Link as many cards to your business account as you need.

instant accountancy

Instantly share all transactions and payment history with your accountant.

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