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Your finances, easier than ever

Open your business bank account in 5 minutes, and get back to growing your business.

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Easy Budgeting

Manage money with up to 25 sub-accounts, and monthly insights into your business spending.

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Multiple Cards

Get up to 3 Maestro or Mastercards for free, and make safer payments online with 25 virtual Mastercards.

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bunq Payment Links

Easily receive payments to your business with a unique payment link you can share with clients.

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Your VAT, simplified

Active AutoVAT, and the bunq app will calculate the VAT on your incoming and outgoing payments and save it in a dedicated sub-account automatically.

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Automatic Exports

Have the bunq app automatically send bank statements to your bookkeeper so you’re never looking for old records.

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Easy Bookkeeping

Integrate your favorite bookkeeping software with bunq in seconds, and free up extra time to grow your business.

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Take 100% control of your bank security

Deposit Guarantee

Your money’s fully protected up to €100.000 by the DGS.

3D Secure Payments

Be the first to know when your bank details are used online.

Biometric ID

Login with face or fingerprint ID for added security.

Instant Updates

Get notifications whenever your money moves.

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Easy Savings

Get a free savings account and start earning high interest on your capital.

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Easy Bank

Open a full bank account in just 5 minutes. All you need is your phone and ID.

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Easy Money

Do business like a local with multiple EU IBANs and over 15 different currencies.

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Discover Easy Money
Easy Green

Offset CO2 for your business expenses by planting a tree for every €100 spent.

/ month
Discover Easy Green

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