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Enjoy features that save you time, every time. Never deal with paperwork, branch visits, or bureaucracy ever again, and get the freedom to focus on what’s truly important: your business.


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End manual bookkeeping

Never have to worry about doing your bookkeeping manually. Just set up a direct connection between bunq and your bookkeeping software once and you’re good to go: you’ll always have a realtime overview of your bookkeeping. Without any manual effort.

Your accountant or bookkeeping software doesn’t support a direct connection yet? Set up an automatic monthly export, so you will never have to spend time on manual exports ever again.

Immediate overview of your finances


Keep a clear overview of your finances by opening as many sub-accounts as you want. Each comes with its own IBAN, so you can use them for direct debits, online payments and your cards as well.


Want to link your cards to two sub-accounts at the same time? Check out our patent pending Dual PIN technology.


Simply scan an invoice and the bunq app will fill in all payment details automagically, also with giro collection forms.


Got a PDF invoice in your email? No worries, you can copy it to the bunq app directly from your phone.

Instant employee access


Add or remove a director without any paperwork or waiting, simply by using the app.


Want to grant an employee access to your (sub-)account, without the risks of full account access? Add them through the app, without wasting any time.


Time to revoke the access? Do so immediately, all with the app.

Always know what’s going on


You always know what’s going on with your finances thanks to instant notifications. Get them for each card payment, direct debit or any other transaction.


Experience total safety by blocking cards, changing PINs or adjusting limits in realtime.


Got a direct debit? You’ll get a notification upfront, so you can decide to approve it or not.

You’re always in charge, 100% of the time.

Efficient payments

Need to do a batch of payments? Enter them easily and quickly through bunq Web, thanks to keyboard shortcuts.

Received a SEPA XML batch? Approve it on the go, directly from the app.

No time to wait for a payment? Instant payments are supported.

It doesn’t get faster than bunq.

Powerful API included

Hook up your systems to our realtime API and never do anything manually again. Read more about our advanced capabilities here:

The highest interest rate


Benefit from an interest rate 9 times higher than what you’d get at traditional banks. Plus you get interest over all your accounts, not just savings accounts.

Hi Five-Blue

Payouts are monthly so you won’t have to wait a full year to benefit.

Sustainable by default


Prevent being an accessory to destroying our planet. At bunq we only invest ethically.


Better yet, we’re the only bank in the world where you have the freedom of choice.

Hi Five-Blue

So you can decide what happens with the money that bunq invests.

Total control over your money, on any of your devices

Don't have your phone on you? No problem. With bunq, you can control your banking from your desktop and your Apple Watch too. Easy!

bunq on your desktop

Control your money right from your desktop: get a wide-screen overview of your balances, view all of your transactions and events, freeze your card right from your desktop, and accept or decline payment requests, all without needing your phone. You wanted it. We did it. (Even though we swore we never would!).

bunq on your Apple Watch

The most amazing bunq features, all from the comfort of your Apple Watch: link your cards to your sub-accounts, view sub-account balances, accept payment requests, and pay online without your phone by viewing your CVC and accepting 3D Secure payments. All using your wrist.

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Have your business bank account up and running in no time, using just your phone, business details and ID. No branch visits, no waiting, no paperwork.