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Submit a report 📨

If any of the following situations apply to you, submitting a report is the best way to get the issue resolved quickly.

Fraud incidents

If you've encountered a fraud incident involving bunq, we'll take immediate action to secure any missing funds, and pursue legal action action against the scammer.

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Reporting suspicious activity helps us keep bunq safe. We'll investigate the situation promptly to ensure everyone's accounts and funds remain secure at all times.

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Account hack

If you've lost account access and suspect foul play, inform us immediately. We'll secure your account, start an investigation, and get you back in your account ASAP.

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Formal complaint

If you're not satisfied with the help we've provided, we’ll get a dedicated team to review your situation and offer you a satisfactory solution.

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Need more help? 🙋

Get in touch through the support center in the app or via email. Our knowledgeable guides speak your language and are available 24/7 to offer a helping hand.

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