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Easy Bank

Mobile banking, faster than ever

  • Open your account in 5 minutes

  • Get an NL, DE, ES or FR IBAN

  • Save time with Instant Payments

Simple, solid, and secure


Instant payments

Effortlessly save time and money on incoming and outgoing payments right across the EU.


Travel made easy

Planning a trip? Discover the latest exchange rates and top tips on banking abroad right from within the app.

Your payment link

Make it easier than ever for others to pay you by creating your very own, personal URL where you can receive payments.


Get an NL, DE, ES, FR or IE IBAN to match your location as soon as you’re signed up, and receive payments right away.

Take 100% control of your bank security

Sign up in 5 minutes

Open your account in just 5 minutes,
directly from your smartphone.
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