€ 19.99/month

bunq is better together

bunq Pack is made for everyone who likes to enjoy bunq together, from friends to families or partner(s). One bunq Pack membership includes:
4 bunq Premium accounts, or
3 bunq Premium accounts + 1 bunq Business account
With bunq Pack, everyone gets access to a full Premium (or Business) membership.

How does it work?

A Premium user can upgrade to bunq Pack at any time. He will become the 'Pack owner" and will be billed € 19.99 from there onwards. The Pack owner can invite others to join his bunq Pack.
Others will not be charged the monthly fee for the membership, but they will be charged for any additional fees, such as ordering a replacement card, or making more than 10 withdrawals per month.
You can leave a Pack anytime you want and every bunq Pack owner can terminate his/her Pack any time he/she wants. Depending on your type of account we will apply bunq Premium pricing or bunq Business on you in case you leave a Pack or if the Pack you’re in gets terminated.

Signed up before August 1, 2017? See our previous pricing