€ 9.99/month

3 beautiful cards of your choice between Maestro and MasterCard Debit.
25 unique bunq bank accounts, each with its own IBAN.
Apple Pay and Google Pay (only in selected countries).
Sending and receiving payments and requests.
Additional fee for sending payments and requests via SMS.
International payments using TransferWise.
€0.10 per payment (excl. costs TransferWise)
Additional fee for when someone pays your requests with iDeal or SOFORT.
Paying a direct debit.
Scanning and paying invoices in the bunq app.
€0.20 per scan + €0.10 per payment
SEPA XML batch payments.
€1.00 per batch + €0.10 per payment
International non-euro card payments and withdrawals.
API keys and IP addresses.
Easily authorise someone (like an employee or your accountant) to access your account.
Export your account/transaction information.
Our award winning and easy to use app.


Additional 25 bunq bank account, each with its own IBAN
Additional or replacement Maestro or Mastercard Card on top of the first 3 included ones.
For each active card on top of the first three included ones.
Maestro: €2/month MasterCard: €3/month
Additional withdrawals on top of the 10 included each month.
Safekeeping Fee for holding funds above €100,000, per €1000
2.4 cents/day

Your money is guaranteed

Your money (up to € 100,000.00) is protected by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme. See how it works on​.

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