Save trees all the time

Save trees all the time with the only business bank account that lets you become CO2 free in just 2 years. Save precious time for your business while effortlessly helping make the world greener.


Save precious time for your business, and help save the planet for us all

All the amazing features and benefits of bunq easyGreen Business, plus the most elegant, most sustainable and most widely accepted metal card available today.


We plant real trees as you spend


You make a real difference with zero effort


With every bunq Business feature included

We plant real trees as you spend


You make a real difference with zero effort


With every bunq Business feature included


The greenest you can be

For every €100 that you spend, we’ll plant a tree in your name. For all cards on your subscription. Maestro? Debit Mastercard? Metal Card? It all counts. Bought a new office chair? That’s a tree. Booked a work event? A couple more trees. Going on a business trip? Congratulations, you've started a forest!

You spend. Forests grow. Everyone's a winner.


Go greener with Metal

Get a beautifully crafted, stainless steel Metal Card. It uses 50% less plastic and lasts 50% longer than a regular card.

It's better for the planet.


Set aside VAT automatically

For every incoming and outgoing payment we calculate the correct VAT amount, and transfer it to your designated VAT sub-account.

Auto Save-Payments-Mobile

Save time finding old receipts

Save precious time on your bookkeeping: scan all your receipts in one go and let the bunq app match them to the right payments. Need to find a receipt? Simply search a keyword and find it instantly. Need to share a receipt with your bookkeeper? Simply export it as a PDF!


Save loads of time by automating your finances

Connect bunq with the apps you use for running your business and automate all your daily tasks. No need to hire a developer or learn how to code. Simply set it up once, then never worry about it again.


All the features of bunq easyGreen Business included

Get all the amazing features of bunq easyMoney Business that save you time, every time, included in bunq easyGreen Business. Never deal with paperwork, branch visits, or bureaucracy ever again, and get the freedom to focus on what’s truly important: your business.

End manual bookkeeping

Never have to worry about doing your bookkeeping manually. Just set up a direct connection between bunq and your bookkeeping software once and you’re good to go.


Immediate overview of your finances

Keep a clear overview of your finances by opening as many sub-accounts as you want. Each comes with its own IBAN, so you can use them for direct debits, online payments and your cards as well.


Pay invoices without any manual input

Simply scan an invoice and the bunq app will fill in all payment details automagically, also with giro collection forms.


Sign up in just 5 minutes

Have your business bank account up and running in no time, using just your phone, business details and ID. No branch visits, no waiting, no paperwork.

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