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Update 22

March 14th, 2023

Discover all the new & exciting ways bunq makes life easy.

Make Life Easy

Explore all the new ways to effortlessly achieve more with bunq.

Wheel of Fortune

We asked what great prizes you’d most like to win in the app, and made it happen. From now on, you’ll be in with a chance to win free subscriptions, bunq merch and extra spins. You’ll also get a free spin of the Wheel on your birthday.



Fully personalize your spending insights with your own payment categories. As well as the default categories like groceries or travel, you can create your own category for whatever you like.

Group Expenses

Simply create your Group Expense, choose a currency, and all payments made will be converted to the currency of your choice automatically.


Green Teams

Easily help a friend become CO2-free by adding them to your Green Team, and let them plant a tree for every €100 they spend.


And some fine-tuning

Simply add one to your bunq app, tap share, and whomever you share the link with can use it instantly.

Simply create a payment request, choose a currency, and hit send.

Rate the places you visit, every time you visit them so you and your friends always get the most recent and accurate recommendations on where’s best to go.

Your bunq card will automatically work wherever you are and only there. Making your account even more secure, effortlessly.

Our Easy Money & Easy Green users asked for more flexibility when it comes to ATM withdrawals, so we’ve done just that! We’ve raised the daily limit from €500 to €1000, and you can now make up to 6 free ATM withdrawals per month instead of 4.

Find payments, features and settings faster than ever thanks to the improved search interface and filters.

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