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Our Green Impact

Climate change is unquestionable, so we’re on a path to make banking effortlessly sustainable.

Together we’ve planted

10 million trees!

And with every passing moment, we’re planting more! Easy Green users are reforesting the world as they spend.

Our commitment

We’re dedicated to making it super easy for our users fight climate change. From planting trees as they spend, to earning interest on entirely green investments, bunqers are making the world greener every day.


How we plant

Together with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re planting mangrove trees across restoration projects in Marotia, Madagascar and Kwasasi & Magumba, Kenya. The projects create jobs with fair wages for locals, and contribute to regreening areas that had previously been deforested.


Where we’re planting trees


Only 10% of Kenya’s forests remain after years of logging and charcoal production. In our fight against climate change, we’re planting as many trees as possible while offering employment to Kenyans living in poverty.


Deforestation is having a massive impact not only on the environment, but also on the lives of those living in poverty. Together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we decided to do something about it.


The Netherlands

We are planting a total of 1,250 trees and shrubs in Leersum. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of existing forests and further expand them in the Netherlands.

Coming soon


On the peatland destroyed by forest fires in Borneo, bunq users will plant a mixture of native tree species that occur naturally to help reforest the area.

Explore our projects

Our green journey

Nov 2019

Green finance beginnings!

We took our commitment to being more sustainable to new levels this month! Not only did we partner up with Eden Reforestation Projects who’ll be planting our trees, we launched the beautifully crafted bunq Metal Card made from sustainable stainless steel!

Sept 2020

1 million trees!

In less than a year, our users have planted over a million trees – just by using their bunq cards. That’s the equivalent of 380,000,000kg of CO2 captured over 25 years! Here’s to another million...

Oct 2020

New project started in Kenya

We're growing so much that it was time to start another reforestation project, and plant trees in Kenya!

Sept 2021

Our green efforts officially recognized

The Fair Finance Guide Netherlands (Eerlijke Geldwijzer), which shares information with citizens about the practices of banks, added us to the top 3 most socially responsible banks!

Nov 2021

5 million trees!

Just over a year ago, we planted our millionth tree. This month, we hit a new high score of 5,000,000 trees! Here’s to our super sustainable Easy Green users and the difference they make to the world every day.

Feb 2023

10 million trees!

The bunq Community officially planted over 10,000,000 trees at our reforestation sites in Kenya & Madagascar

Feb 2023

First trees planted in Europe

To celebrate the 10,000,000 trees, we partnered with Trees for All to plant our very first trees in Europe in the forests of Leersum in the Netherlands.

Want to live more sustainably?

With an Easy Green account, you’ll plant a tree for every €100 you spend and become CO2-free in just 2 years. Try it for 30 days completely free!

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