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The power of compound interest

May 18, 2023

Do you want to make the most out of your savings? You're in luck! In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of compound interest and how it can help grow your savings account. With bunq, you can take advantage of this powerful financial concept and watch your money work for you.

What is Compound Interest?

Simply put, compound interest is the interest earned on both the initial amount saved and the interest that accumulates over time. This means that your savings will grow at a faster rate than if you were only earning interest on the principal amount. It's like a snowball effect – the more you save, the more interest you earn, and the faster your savings grow.

Where is Compound Interest Used?

Compound interest is commonly used in savings accounts, investment products, and loans. For example, bunq offers a savings account with competitive interest rates, allowing you to maximize your savings potential through the power of compound interest.

A Real-Life Example

Let's say you have €1,000 saved in a bunq savings account with an annual interest rate of 2%. After one year, you'll earn €20 in interest (€1,000 x 0.02). But here's where the magic of compound interest comes in: in the second year, you'll earn interest not only on the initial €1,000 but also on the €20 interest earned in the first year. So, after two years, your total savings would be €1,040.40 (€1,020 x 0.02 = €20.40 + €1,020).

As you can see, compound interest helps your savings grow faster over time. And the longer you save, the more significant the impact of compound interest will be on your account balance.

Make the Most of Your Savings with bunq

Ready to take advantage of compound interest and grow your savings? With a bunq savings account, you can enjoy competitive interest rates and watch your money work for you. Plus, bunq offers features like sub-accounts and easy budgeting to help you manage your finances and reach your savings goals even faster.


Don't let your money sit idle in a low-interest account. Harness the power of compound interest with bunq and watch your savings grow faster than ever before. Sign up for a bunq account today and start making the most of your hard-earned cash!

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