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How to get a credit card with no credit check

September 2, 2022

This is especially true for younger people, or small businesses. So can it be done?

The good news is that, yes, you’re still eligible for a credit card without a background check despite your credit status. Learn how such cards function and the steps you need to take to get instant approval for a credit card.

Why most credit card companies want you to have a strong credit history

Your credit history to a credit card company is like your resume to a prospective employer. It gives an overall impression of how well you handle responsibility.

Traditional credit card companies place a lot of faith in your credit report. They want to see how long you’ve been using credit cards and how much debt you typically carry month after month.

They also want to see if creditors have had to wait past the monthly deadline to receive their payments. And have any had to resort to legal action or at least threaten it to get paid?

By examining your credit report, a credit card company gets an idea of whether you look like an ideal customer or a troublesome user. 

How some companies avoid using a credit check

There’s more to your financial history than your credit score. For example, there’s also the status of your bank account.

Your credit background may not be stellar due to some unfortunate incidents. But maybe you have maintained a longstanding practice of saving a certain amount of your paycheck each week. After a few years, you may have increased your bank balance significantly.

Would it not be great if credit card companies would consider your bank account?Fortunately, there are such card companies.

Cards linked to secured bank accounts

Secured credit card accounts are your answer. They work relatively simply.

When you make a purchase, the card draws funds from your bank account. The amount you have available for spending is the amount of your bank balance. In other words, if you have $250 in your account, you can spend $250 with your card at the cash register. You can never go in debt or overspend.

You can also get a card quickly. Most companies offer instant approval.

The bunq credit card

An excellent example of a free credit card secured by your bank account is the bunq credit card. You can conduct transactions with any merchant that accepts credit cards.

You’ll appreciate the bunq credit card if you have ever tried to rent a car using your debit card. Even hotels routinely reject debit cards. They want the safety that comes with credit cards.

If you do major damage to their car or suite, they can only initially recover as much money as you have in your bank account. But with a major credit card company, the car agency or hotel can pursue greater compensation.

Rental agencies and hotels want a deposit, which is a simple matter with a bunq credit card. The funds in your bank account go toward the deposit. This is similar to using a debit card for a deposit, but you’re now backed by a major credit card company, so the rental agency or hotel has no problem with it.

Order your credit card with no credit check today

Gain freedom by requesting your bunq credit card, and start booking your next holiday hassle-free!

Order your bunq credit card with no credit check and get instant approval today.

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