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How to add money to your bunq account

January 12, 2022

The best way for you may depend on your location, or on how soon you need the money. Let’s take a look at the different methods available in your favorite mobile banking app🌈

(that’s bunq, in case there was any confusion…ok, moving on)

Firstly, you can use iDeal, which is very popular in The Netherlands. It’s instant, and it comes with no additional fees, which makes it a great choice if available in your location. What this platform does is connect with another bank account, adding money from there in a fast(er) and secure way. iDeal can also be used for instant payments, not just adding money. 

There are a couple of similar services available in your bunq app depending on your location. bunqer in Belgium? Instead of iDeal, you’ll see a local method called Bancontact. You may also see Sofort as an option to instantly top up from another bank account.

You can also add money from your debit card or credit card. This can be a Visa or Mastercard, and the transfer will be instant, so no need to worry about wasting time. Keep in mind that the card must be on your name and that the fee for using this method varies. 

You can add money though a regular bank transfer as well. Depending on the sending bank, this could be instant or it could take 1-2 business days (if it’s a SEPA transfer - more about that here). In case you need the funds in your bunq account right away, we recommend exploring the other options available in the app, or making sure the other bank is using either a RT1 or TIPS system - this means the top up will be instant. Adding money through a bank transfer is free.

As of recently, you can convert money if you have a bunq Local Currency Bank Account. This means that if you’d like to add money to your € Bank Account from your $ Bank Account, this is easily possible directly from the app. We’ll make the conversion for you, and add the amount to your preferred Bank Account. 

Need to make a cash deposit? Through partnerships with Barzahlen/Viacash and PaySafeCash, this is easy to do. When you want to add money, we’ll create a barcode for you in the app. You must present this barcode at a supported store that can transfer this amount to your bunq app. You’ll find partner stores on the map in the app, so just choose the one closest to you. You can learn more about adding money through a cash deposit here

No matter which method you choose, your money will be added to your account as soon as possible. Pick the one that fits your needs best and enjoy the perk of easily adding money to your mobile banking app🙌

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