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Empower others to buy their own home with one tap!

July 26, 2020
Facade of a Dutch home with bikes outside

And what better way than through Freedom of Choice? 🙌

bunq is the only bank in the world that lets you decide what happens to your money. Want all of it to be invested in green companies only? Not a problem. Contribute to personal loans? Sure. Want to help others buy a house this year? Let’s go!

You heard that right - your money could help fellow friends get a mortgage for a house! 🏠

We’re now the first European challenger bank that lets you empower someone else to get a mortgage, without the hassle usually associated with this process. All you have to do is:

That’s it - you are now breaking through the housing market and helping someone achieve the freedom of owning a house.

Why is this important? 🙏

The housing market has seen a significant and steady increase, leaving many people struggling to obtain a mortgage. It’s becoming harder and harder to actually own a house, especially for younger people who are dealing with ever-increasing student debt. By choosing to invest your money in Personal Mortgages, you’re helping stop this trend that’s currently happening across Europe.

Empowering each other is a great way to win together: you and the whole bunq community.

A fully-fledged experience 🌈

It’s important to us that your needs and wants are met. This leap takes us one step forward to providing you with an experience that fits every aspect of your lifestyle, including the freedom of owning the home of your dreams.

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