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May 17, 2021

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Embrace your True Name

Diversity is a wonderful thing, one we care deeply for. Letting everyone be who they really are and complementing each other.

Diversity is a wonderful thing, one we care deeply for. Letting everyone be who they really are, seeing their colors and complementing each other.

But there’s no true diversity without the freedom of true identity. What’s an identity? A set of things that make you who you are, a beautiful individual. Your name is a big part of your identity. You hear it every day. You see it in your emails, on your social media, letters and on your bank cards. But from now on, you get to choose what name shows on your cards.

Today, the 17th of May, on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia we’re more than proud to announce that bunq is the first bank in Europe to launch the True Name feature. This is done in cooperation with Mastercard across Europe. We hope this initiative helps everyone show their true identity and never have to feel like their name doesn’t represent them.

How does True Name work?🌈

When you order a card and choose the visible name on your card, you’ll be able to enter your True Name. Pick the name you love, whether it's the one you were born with, or the one that you prefer. The choice is yours.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Open the bunq app
  • Tap on Home and go to Cards
  • Tap on the colorful MENU button
  • Select your desired card
  • Enter a description of your choice
  • Enter the address for delivery
  • Choose name of card
  • Click on the Name Options
  • Select “Or choose a preferred name yourself”
  • Enter your True Name
  • Order your special new bunq card

A small step🙌

We know it takes a lot more listening, talking and action. This is a small step that we hope will help everyone celebrate their True Name, true identity and embrace diversity in all its beautiful colors.

Want to learn more about True Name and important details about this new feature? Simply click here.

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