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The ultimate guide to budgeting with bunq

December 17, 2022

Setting up your very own budget and actually sticking to it might seem impossible, but bunq makes the whole process effortlessly automatic.

In just 5 minutes, you can activate a handful of super simple features in the app to budget with zero effort, and save more on your personal finances than ever before.

1. Create your personalized budget

To get started, the first step is to create a sub-account for each of your budgeting needs using the Easy Budgeting feature.

Each sub-account you create will have its very own category (think household bills, groceries, travel, etc) and a monthly limit you set. Once your budget is all set up, the bunq app will automatically categorize your payments and take the money out of the correct sub-account.

2. Easily track your monthly expenses

After creating your budget, the next step is to start easily tracking your progress. Introducing Insights ✨, your very own expense tracker.

From your home screen, tap on the first of the three icons in the top right corner and you’ll see clearly how much you’ve spent per category, and how close you are to your chosen spending limits.

Want to track your spending directly from the home screen? Tap on the icon with the plus sign at the top of your home screen and choose Insights. 

3. Start saving up, effortlessly

A crucial part to any budget is growing your savings and, with bunq, you can do it automatically and earn high interest on your deposits.

To create your savings account, from the bottom right of your home screen, tap Add > Sub-Account > Savings Account. You can then personalize your savings account with the icon and name of your choice, and make your first deposit 💃 

Top tip: the app will ask if you’d like to activate AutoSave ⚙️ 

By activating it, the bunq app will help you save more by automatically rounding up your card payments. For example, if you grab a coffee for €2.25, your app will round that up to €3 and add the difference of €0.75 to your savings. That way you’ll effortlessly reach your savings goal, quicker than you ever imagined 🚀

4. Invest your spare change, automatically

Although there’s always the risk of losing money you invest, there’s also the chance you could earn more effortlessly on your savings.

Maybe you never invested before, which is understandable seeing as it’s a world of it’s own that’s often quite difficult to enter. With bunq’s Easy Investments, however, it’s as simple as just a few taps in the app 📲

To start investing, from your home screen tap Add > Sub-Account > Investments and follow the in-app instructions. All you have to do then is choose your investment risk appetite, and set up scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly top ups to your investments account to begin. 

If you want to learn more about how to budget, you can get started with the one of the easiest way - 50/30/20 rule, or take a look at this article for inspiration.

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