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Introducing: Cashback!

July 20, 2023

Effortlessly earn more with your bunq Credit card

At bunq, we’re nothing if not user-centred, that’s why we’re always checking in with our users to find out what would make banking with bunq even more amazing. Building on your feedback, we’ve introduced one more, irresistible feature in Update 23 designed to make life super easy – Cashback

Whether you’re a new user or already bank with bunq, earn a massive 2% cashback on public transportation, and 1% at restaurants and bars.

Not familiar with the idea of cashback? Read on to find out what it’s all about, and discover a new way to effortlessly earn more with your bunq Credit card. 

What is cashback?

Cashback is a rewards program offered by banks where users receive a percentage or a fixed amount of money back on eligible purchases (in our case, that’s public transportation, food, and drink). 

It's like getting a discount on a purchase. For example, if you make a €100 purchase and earn 2% cashback with your credit card, you'll get €2 paid back to your account. Might not seem much, but you’re effectively benefiting from constant discounts on purchases and, over time, it soon adds up.

Earn while you travel

To start earning cashback with bunq, the first step is signing up to either our Easy Money or Easy Green plan.

Our Easy Money plan is the perfect choice for anyone that loves to travel, or works abroad as a digital nomad. You’ll be free to bank like a local across Europe, with the choice of multiple NL, DE, ES, FR and IE IBANs. What’s more? With the Local Currencies features, you can effortlessly add multi-currency sub-accounts to your bunq app to spend and save in up to 16 different currencies with just one account.

With Easy Money, you’ll earn a wicked 1% cashback whenever you use your bunq Credit card to pay at bars or restaurants.

Get rewarded for living sustainably

With Easy Green, you enjoy all the benefits of our Easy Money plan as well as the added bonus of becoming effortlessly CO2-free while you spend. For anyone looking to live sustainably and have a positive impact on the environment, banking with our Easy Green plan means you’ll plant a tree at one of our reforestation projects every time you spend €100. Want to take your green lifestyle to the next level? Order a bunq Metal card, and earn cashback while you spend with a beautifully crafted, sustainable stainless steel Credit card. 

But back to the cashback!

Part of living a sustainable lifestyle includes the form of transportation you choose. That’s why, on top of the 1% cashback at bars and restaurants, with our Easy Green plan you’ll also be rewarded with a massive 2% cashback whenever you use your bunq Credit card to travel on public transportation.

Order your free bunq Credit Mastercard

When you bank with either our Easy Money or Easy Green plan, you’re free to order 3 bunq cards (Credit Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, or Maestro) for free. To earn cashback on your payments, you’ll need one of our bunq Credit Mastercards, and cashback isn’t the only thing that makes them amazing. 

Zero added fees when you spend overseas

With a bunq Credit card, you can make effortless payments abroad without the endless hidden costs of traditional banks.

Hotel reservations, rent cars, and more

Love to travel? One of the biggest benefits of having a bunq Credit card is the ability to do everything a normal credit card allows you to do, without the risk of falling into debt.

Automatic budgeting

Thanks to the Easy Budgeting feature, you can easily create a sub-account for each part of your budget and have your card payments automatically come out of the right account.

Join bunq now

Interested in earning cashback while simply spending your money? Start your free 30-day trial now!

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