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A brief history of Mastercard

August 10, 2023

Let's take a trip down memory lane, back to the birth of the credit card. Specifically, let's explore the history of Mastercard, one of the world's leading financial services corporations.

The Birth of Credit Cards

The concept of credit isn't new. It's been around for centuries! However, the modern plastic credit card that you carry in your wallet? That's more recent. Mastercard, originally known as Interbank/Master Charge, was created in 1966 by several California banks to compete with BankAmericard (now Visa).

The Evolution of Mastercard

Mastercard has continued to evolve, introducing new features and benefits to make your life easier. For instance, did you know that Mastercard was the first card to provide online purchases in 1994? Now, that's a game-changer!

Digital Banking with bunq

Fast forward to today, where digital banking is the new norm. With bunq, you can manage your finances right from your smartphone with your very own bunq virtual Mastercards via ApplePay or Google Wallet. You can make instant payments, automate your savings, and even invest easily.

Cashback with bunq

But here's the best part: with bunq cashback, you get to earn a massive 2% interest when you use your Mastercard on public transport, and 1% when you spent at bars and restaurants. It's like having a permanent discount on everything you buy.

The Future of Banking

The future of banking is here, and it's digital. With bunq, you're not just getting a bank account; you're getting a tool that helps you manage your money better. So why wait? Join bunq today and experience the future of banking.

From the creation of the credit card to the rise of digital banking, financial technology has come a long way. And with bunq, it's clear that the journey is just beginning.

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