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Your European bank account.

Tailored to your needs.


Sign up in 5 minutes to join The Free. You only need your phone. Download the app now to get started.


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Open an account without a tax number

Get your bank account without having your BSN (Tax Information Number). Sign up using just your phone and ID, and supply your BSN up to 90 days later. Makes moving between countries easier than ever.

The best global coverage available today

Worldwide Cards

Global coverage with Maestro and Mastercard, so you can pay anywhere. You get 3 cards included in a bunq Premium or Joint subscription, including bunq Travel Card - the best card to travel the world.

No foreign exchange fees

Traditional banks charge you up to 3% when using your card for other currencies. We don’t.


Send money to 39 supported currencies with Wise and always get the real exchange rate. No hidden fees.

Free global ATM withdrawals

Withdraw cash from any ATM in the world, for free. Up to 10 times a month.


Sign up in just 5 minutes

Sign up in 5 minutes for your free 1 month trial of bunq Easy Green Personal. You only need your phone, address and ID.

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