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The Convenience of Contactless Payments with bunq

February 4, 2023

Gone are the days of fumbling with cash and counting coins 💰. With the rise of technology, we now have more options than ever when it comes to paying for goods and services. One of the most popular and convenient options is contactless payment. 

But what exactly is a contactless payment, and how does it work? 🤔

What is a contactless payment?

A contactless payment, also known as a near field communication (NFC) transaction, is a way to pay for goods and services without physically handling cash or a card. Instead, you simply hold your payment device (such as a credit card, smartphone, or smartwatch) near a contactless reader and voila! The payment is processed. 

Why are contactless payments becoming popular? 

Speed and Convenience 💨

One of the biggest advantages of contactless payment is the speed and convenience it offers. No more fumbling for cash or counting coins, just hold your device near the reader and you're good to go! 

Enhanced Security 🔒

Contactless payment is also more secure than traditional methods of payment. When you make a contactless payment, your card never leaves your hand, reducing the risk of it being lost or stolen. Additionally, contactless payments use encryption to protect your personal and financial information. 

Increased Acceptance 🙌

More and more retailers are beginning to accept contactless payments, making it easier than ever to use this convenient payment method. Whether you're grabbing a coffee, shopping for groceries, or paying for a taxi, chances are you can use contactless payment! 

Pay contactless with a bunq account

Pay with your phone - the magic of Apple Pay and Google Pay📱

While our cards are really pretty (at least we love them!), and we even have an elegant stainless steel one… you don’t actually need a physical card to pay with bunq. After all, it’s mobile banking we’re talking about. You can create a card in the app and link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. This way, you can always simply pay with your phone. No need to carry your wallet around anymore.

The process is - you guessed it - easy. Click here for the exact steps you need to follow for Apple Pay, or here for activating Google Pay

Pay safely with DigiCards🌈

If you have an Easy Money or Easy Green plan, you get 25 DigiCards included - so you can use these for safe, contactless payments. What’s their biggest advantage? You can basically block a DigiCard in the app the moment you’re done with a purchase. Let’s say it’s the first time you order from a specific website and you aren’t very sure how safe it is. Simply create a DigiCard, make your purchase, and delete it from your bunq app. Now you can rest assured that no one has your banking information.

Use your physical cards safely 💳

The need for fast, easy and secure payments increased more than ever since the pandemic started. No one wanted to touch payment terminals and input PIN codes anymore - naturally. 

However, some like to use their physical cards. We can’t blame you - they’re pretty cool (again - we think so). You can still pay contactless in a safe way with your bunq cards. Simply place your card next to the payment terminal and you don’t need to input your PIN code if your payment is less than €50 EUR. This applies to most countries, but you can find the full list here. So for all those dinner recipes or beer runs…you’re all good!

Extra contactless goodies - your loyalty cards🛍️

Yes, this isn’t a payment method…but it is a way to get discounts and make the most of your shopping. So just a quick reminder that you can always add your favorite loyalty cards to your bunq app, making sure you don’t have to have a mini-anxiety attack while you’re looking for the right one in your wallet at the store (we’ve all been there).

There you go! Plenty of ways for you to make contactless payments using just your phone or your bunq cards. Sign up with bunq today to explore what we’ve got to offer. It’s free for the first 30 days!

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