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The bunq app is now available in Ukrainian and Russian

June 8, 2022

The idea behind this was to make sure that everyone has the option to send and receive money, as well as being able to simply pay for day to day necessities. We’ve had many requests for these accounts, and we’re glad that we could offer some help to people in need.

Through constant feedback, we understood that some of our users would benefit from using bunq in their native tongue. The language barrier wasn’t always giving people the flexibility that we’d want them to have when using our app. 

To make sure this isn’t an issue anymore, we’ve partnered with People for People, an organization that was created in light of the current situation in the Ukraine, meant to help people in any way possible. That’s why we added the option to use bunq in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Using the bunq app in these languages takes no effort from the users’ side. The app will follow the language your phone is set to, so simply update your app to the latest version of bunq (20.4.0 or later) and you’re all set. 

We hope this change makes life easier for people who need bunq to navigate their lives in these trying times. For more info on how to use bunq in Ukrainian and Russian, check out our Together post here.

Lastly, we did our best to make the bunq app as easy to use as possible. However, if you’re using bunq in Ukrainian or Russian and you come across a translation that could be better, let us know, so we can fix it! Simply share your feedback with us here.

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