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Skyline of Sofia, Bulgaria
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November 13, 2020


Sofia, get ready for bunq

bunq is heading to Sofia. Get ready for it!

This is bunq

We’re bunq, bank of The Free. Back in 2012 our founder Ali set out on a journey to revolutionize banking and since then, bunq has been making life easy for its users across 30 European countries. Built by and created for independent thinkers, we are here to break the status-quo and revolutionize your banking experience. We build products that you need and love, while making sure you save time, money and CO2 effortlessly.

Do you believe in constant improvement and always looking to grow into a better version of yourself? Do you value freedom, independence and transparency? Do you want to live your life on your own terms? Then you’re one of us, part of The Free.

See what life is like inside our bunqr.

Welcome to bunqGaria 🇧🇬

bunq kept growing from the day it launched. At some point, our lovely Amsterdam bunqer just wasn’t enough anymore and the moment came: we need to expand abroad. But where? The new bunq location had to be a place where our culture could thrive, it had to be fun, friendly, open-minded and just like us...a little crazy for freedom! We’ve looked around, it took some time, but we finally found our second home in Sofia!

Strategic location, good food and weather is quickly turning Sofia into a popular start-up destination. Lots of innovative tech companies have decided to set up an office here and bunq is one of the many international scale-ups choosing to expand their operations in Bulgaria.

Based in Sofia’s Campus X, we are currently over 50 people and our team keeps on growing. If you’re ready to get shit done, Bulgarian style, check our job openings here.

Here’s how we bunq 🌈

If you catch yourself thinking, ‘Someone should fix that,’ the someone is probably you.

It’s no coincidence the mantra we live and breathe by is GET SHIT DONE. We are big fans of end-to-end ownership. Because of that, at bunq you get to have an impact from day one. By having real responsibilities, every employee has a voice and a measurable impact on the company’s performance. There’s a greater sense of individualism and self-governance here at bunq and the atmosphere is a lot more casual.

When you think of what’s it like to work at a start-up, what do you imagine? Perhaps you’ve seen The Internship or The Social Network and expecting genius nerdy guys laying around on bean bags eating free organic snacks. Start-ups and scale-ups are famous for their entrepreneurial spirit and chilled-out environment.

While this is partly true, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. We are a work hard play hard kind of place - hours can be long and deadlines tight, but one of the biggest advantages of building your own bank is the incredible amount of knowledge and confidence you will gain in a short period of time. Even your first few months at bunq here in Sofia will give you more varied experiences than many people get in a decade at a large company.

So are you ready to get more shit done than ever?

Not a bunqer yet?

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