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Ride the Green Wave: Get 2% Cashback on Public Transportation

August 29, 2023

Wondering how you can make your travel more sustainable? Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, being a tourist in your own country, or commuting to your office - most of us can make use of public transport, from time to time. 

With this in mind, we’ve recently launched an electrifying new feature that will not only put a smile on your face, but also keep the planet grinning. Introducing the latest addition to the bunq family: 2% Cashback on Public Transportation, exclusively available for bunq users on the Easy Green plan!

Sailing Towards Sustainability: Let's Ride Together

We believe that every little step towards a greener world counts. And what better way to make a significant impact than by hopping onto public transportation more often? With bunq's 2% Cashback on Public Transportation, we're not just giving you an extra reason to use trains, trams, and buses – we're helping you make a difference. Each time you swipe your bunq card for your public transport fare, you're not just getting to your destination; you're contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Counting Coins on the Rails: Your Monthly Cashback Delight

Imagine being our savvy train commuter, racing from Rotterdam to Amsterdam day after day. With bunq's 2% Cashback on Public Transportation, you'll be cruising towards more than just your destination. If your monthly travel expenses total €716 (assuming 20 working days per month), you're looking at a delightful €14.32 cashback every month. That's a €172 per year that you can put towards your next adventure!

With bunq, you can enjoy up to €500 cashback per year, letting you explore even more without breaking the bank.

The Bells, The Whistles, and The Tram Wheels: Modes of Transport

Wondering when and where you can enjoy our 2% Cashback on Public Transportation? It covers a wide range of travel options around Europe. Whether you're hopping on a train to work, zipping around the city in a tram, or embarking on a cross-country adventure via bus, your bunq card is your ticket to eco-conscious cashback.

A Seamless Journey: Making Cashback a Reality

Okay, let's talk nuts and bolts. How does this all work? If you’re an Easy Green user, it's as easy as swiping your bunq card (or using ApplePay and GooglePay), for your public transportation fare. Each time you make a qualifying transaction, you're automatically accumulating cashback. No extra steps, no hassle – just pure, sustainable benefits coming your way.

You’ll receive all the cashback you accumulate on bunq Payday: your weekly wrap up of everything you earned by using bunq.

Ready to Get On Board? Join bunq Today!

Excited to dive into the world of sustainable travel and cashback rewards? Our dedicated page has all the details you need. Head over here to find out all about how bunq's 2% Cashback on Public Transportation works, and information about how to earn 1% Cashback at restaurants and bars, too!

Don't just be a passenger in this green movement; take the driver's seat! Sign up for bunq today and start enjoying the perks of 2% Cashback on Public Transportation. Your wallet, the planet, and future generations will thank you for making the smarter, greener choice.

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