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Omahiry’s story: from cutting down trees to reforesting the land

December 8, 2022

From cutting down 200 trees every dry season to now producing, planting, and protecting over 250 propagules an hour, Omahiry is reforesting land that was once deforested.

When Omahiry produced charcoal, the process would include having to spend two weeks in the Marotia forest cutting down trees.He’d then spend an additional week cooking the wood that he harvested. This process would require Omahiry to breathe in the harsh black smoke, causing him most times to get sick. However, he’d continue to work because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to afford to feed his children. After a tedious month-long job, he’d end up with about 40 gunny sacks of charcoal to sell, for only one dollar a piece. This would leave him with just enough money to feed his children.

In 2020 Omahiry’s life would take a turn when presented with a job opportunity through Eden Reforestation Projects, on our Madagascar team. Now, Omahiry begins his planting days by leaving his home at 6:30 am and meets his colleagues at a gathering place. They leave on foot for a two-hour trek through the mud.

When he’s not planting propagules, Omahiry patrols the planting sites for six hours at a time, protecting them from loggers or supervising the crab fishers to make sure they’re careful and do not step on seedlings.

A community that was once considered to be disappearing, it now has been reborn. Since Omahiry and our team’s work began in 2020, the population has increased by a quarter, and people from surrounding communities have started their own micro-enterprises by selling

local products. This had never happened before. For Omahiry, he now has the opportunity to afford food, shelter, clothing, and other expenses, thanks to a fair wage. He doesn’t only spend hours in environment protection, but he’s also able to be a fisherman in his spare time.

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Thanks to our Easy Green community, we’ve been able to plant over 9 million trees in Kenya and Madagascar, and continue our efforts towards reforestation. Besides, the project doesn’t only concern nature conservation, but also fair wages and better work conditions for the communities in those areas. 

Wanna be part of the green change? Learn all about out our Easy Green plan’s benefits here.

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