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How to make your business more sustainable

February 4, 2022

When it comes to the company you’re running, no matter how big or small, the goal of a sustainable business strategy is to positively impact the environment and the society. In short, that’s what you’re aiming for when trying to make your business more sustainable. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind and take action on (remember, it speaks louder than words!):

1. Use sustainable products and services💚

Whatever you do, chances are you need certain products or services to run your business. Sustainability doesn’t just start with you, but it’s a whole journey. Whether it’s using sustainable materials in the manufacturing process, the paper and pens in your office, or even the way you do your bookkeeping - there’s always a way to make greener choices. If you have an office or a physical place to work from, you can also look into sustainable energy sources.

2. Offer remote possibilities🏠

How you handle transportation to and from work is a big part of your sustainable efforts. If all your employees need to drive to work, this is a negative impact that can easily be avoided by offering remote possibilities. If the industry you’re in doesn’t allow working from home, see if you can cover costs for public transport (fully or partially). ‍

‍3. Make it a priority🚀

If you build your whole strategy based on sustainability, you’re already ahead of the curve. Many businesses are trying to “make it” first, or only act when in the middle of a scandal, which is usually after they’ve already done a lot of damage. Start with sustainability at the core. Have targets and make sure you’re compliant with the industry’s green standards too.‍

4. Last but not least - make sustainable products🌳

It goes without saying that even if you follow everything above, if the product or service you offer isn’t sustainable, your efforts are almost in vain. Be mindful of the whole product journey - from how it’s made to how it’s being disposed of. Keep in mind packaging and distribution. At the end of the day, a truly sustainable company has a product that changes the environment and society for the better.

Oh, and once you have a sustainable company…choose a sustainable business bank account to save time every time

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