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How Jedlix saves time and increases customer satisfaction with bunq

June 9, 2020

For example Jedlix, one of our valuable partners. They fight the green, good fight. They’re setting a global standard for sustainable mobility, by creating a smart way of electric charging! Their promise? Make all electric cars use sustainable energy! 🙌

Of course, this is something that we highly care for, as we’re trying ourselves to set the tone for an Easy Green lifestyle! We were very excited when they told us that bunq helps them achieve success and that what we try is actually working, saving time so you can actually focus on your business.

Let’s hear from them!

Tell us a bit about your business!

Jedlix develops and operates a Vehicle-to-Grid Integration platform to optimize the charging of electric vehicles. The Jedlix app charges the user’s electric car easily, using greener and cheaper energy, based on our user’s preferences. In return, the user saves money on their energy bill and gets financial rewards for their flexibility and contribution to balancing the power grid!

Why did you choose bunq for your business?

Some or of our employees were already happy Premium users of bunq and familiar with your automation solutions. Furthermore, we really liked the green and digital bank character of bunq. It’s a very good match with our own mission and principles.

What is your favorite feature and why?

API for automated payments and off the shelf integration with our accounting application!

Tell us a bit about how the API made your life easier!

We use bunq’s API to automate payments to our large user base. By using our service, electric vehicle drivers receive a financial reward for each charging session that is Smartly Charged. The amount that is saved up, can be paid out directly to the user’s bank account. To handle a large amount of these individual transactions, we use bunq’s API to automate payments.

Why did you decide to integrate? Did the integration solve any problems?

We wanted an automated and state-of-the-art interface with our banking system to support payouts faster. Supporting multi-currency was also very important for us!

How did the process go?

Our internal development team worked on it in January 2020. We used the SDK provided by bunq. It was really easy to integrate! After some initial tests, it took us only two sprints of two weeks for the full API integration. No problems encountered!

Have you seen any benefits so far?

It definitely saved us time with lower operational effort while handling pay-outs to users. Easy and simple support of multi-currencies.

How has this integration with bunq influenced the end-users? Is the API stable?

The ability to pay users faster has increased customer and partner satisfaction! We also enabled this payment option for our white label app partners who use our platform. The bunq API can be relied upon.

Wow! We are super happy to hear that our solutions are able to save time and increase customer satisfaction for a company that shares so many values with us!

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