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July 16, 2021

Products and Services

Here’s how bunq keeps your money safe

With bunq, you have the freedom to handle your money and time the way you want. Meanwhile, we’ll take care of all those safety details. Curious how?

1) With a proper banking license🏦

First things first - bunq is not just a fintech app, but a real bank. We operate under a full European banking license given by the Dutch National Bank (DNB). This means that we have a Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS), which insures up to €100,000 of your money.

2) By not playing around with your money💸

Other banks invest in all kinds of things, and most of the time you won’t know where your money goes. We don't invest in nasty businesses, nor do we gamble with your money. In fact, we're the only bank in the world that gives you Freedom of Choice, so you decide what happens to your finances. Simply set your preferences from the Settings menu.

3) By protecting your CVC code💳

If you take a look at your beautiful bunq card, you’ll notice there’s no CVC code on it. This keeps you safe, just in case you misplace it. Moreover, in case someone got a hold of your code somehow, you can immediately change it in the app. To make sure that’s never an issue, simply set your CVC code to automatically regenerate every 5 minutes. Do this from your Cards screen, after selecting the chosen card.

4) Letting you choose your log out time and payments limit📲

When you become a bunq user, your app is automatically set to log you out after 5 minutes. For an extra touch of security, you can set this to 0 seconds. Moreover, you can also set a limit to how much you spend in a day without inputting your security code. From €1 to €1,000, the choice is yours. Set this up in your Security settings.

5) Keeping your data to yourself🕵️

Wanna show your friend a cool feature in the bunq app but not a fan of everyone around knowing your balance? Very understandable. You can blur the numbers, so no one can take a peak. You can do this from your Settings menu with one tap.

6) By giving you virtual cards🔒

Purchasing something from a new website, and not sure how safe it is to share your card’s details? No worries, simply use a virtual card. You can disable it as soon as you’ve made the purchase to make sure your money’s safe. Keep in mind that you can only do this for a maximum of 20 times per year, and it’s only an option if you’re an Easy Money or Easy Green user.

Here you go! That’s how bunq keeps your money safe, so you can always enjoy your time worry-free!🌈

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