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Get insights on your spending habits to save more money

January 14, 2022

Yes and no. bunq makes it pretty effortless to save money, but in order to succeed, you first need to know where your money’s going. This may seem obvious, but a lot of times when we take a deep dive into our spending habits, we realize that we spend more than we’d like on…5 subscriptions for streaming platforms, for example.

To start saving more money, check out the Insights in your bunq app.

Here’s how this works🙌

On your Home screen, you’ll see a bubble that says Insights. Here, you’ll find a couple of categories. bunq already automatically assigns your payments to their own category, but you can always switch these around. For example, if you find a payment classified as “General” but it rather belongs in “Travel”, you can manually move it for a better overview.

There’s another way to categorize your payments. When you click on any payment from a sub-account, you’ll see the category it’s assigned to under the amount you paid. You can click on this category and re-assign it. At the bottom of the screen, there’s also an option to automatically categorize all future similar payments to that category - so you don’t have to do it more than once!

You can get Insights on a weekly or yearly basis, just change the dates to what fits your needs best. If you don’t want to include all your sub-accounts in the overview, this is easy to manage from the ⚙️ icon. 

Once you know where your money’s going, it will be much easier to decide where to cut back and add to your savings instead. Keep checking those Insights, and your Savings Goals will be achieved in no time!

Excited to take a deep dive into your spending habits🌈? 

Get started today. And if you’re not a bunqer yet but this feature sounds pretty cool…sign up. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s free for a month. 

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