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7 reasons to choose more bunq, less bank

April 15, 2020

Let’s say you’re looking for a bank to trust with your money, life and...okay, that’s a bit dramatic. You want your money to be safe, the process to be easy and you don’t want to waste any time on it. Add a bit of technology and innovation to the mix, and we’ve got a winner.

Where to go, where to go…? We’re obviously a bit biased here, but we have good reasons to be! We won’t get into too many details about what others do or don’t, but we’d love to tell you about how we can make your life easier by being bunq, not just a bank.

Freedom of choice 🚀

We want you to choose where your money goes since you know...it’s your money! Want to receive interest by investing only in green companies? Easily done. Would you rather not receive any interest at all? No problem. Here’s to freedom of choice!

Also, you can rest assured we never invest in weapons, tobacco, gambling, coal mining or some other scary stuff like that.

You get the most out of your investments 💰

Banks make money off your investments - that’s pretty much how they exist. Usually, you don’t know how this money is invested and your return is minimum or non-existent, which is pretty unfair if you ask us.

At bunq, you get 1.05% interest on your savings, an interest rate much higher than what you’d get at traditional banks. Simply open a savings account in the app, and you save money just by storing your money there.

We’re an actual bank (of tomorrow, but today) 📃

In 2014 we got the first European banking license in over 35 years! We’re obviously pretty proud of that one. That means your money is always safe. No matter what, you are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank up to € 100,000.

We’ve made a total of € 0 selling your data 👌

We’re happy to let you know that your data is 100% safe with us and we’re making a groundbreaking sum of € 0 out of it. You probably know that businesses out there would love to know how much you earn and how you spend your money. What you may not know is that many banks will happily feed them this information and make good money out of it too. bunq users can rest assured that this isn’t the case here.

You can never go in debt ❗

Enjoy your money debt-free! bunq does not offer credit options or loans, so we don’t make any money off you running out of money. Spend as much as you’ve got or save easily with tricks like AutoSave or 25 separate sub-accounts.

We never stop improving 🌈

bunq never stops going with the flow - and by the flow, we mean you. From sorting your salary automagically, to being one of the first banks to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay, bunq grows with your needs. We also led the way for open API banking to let you build your own bank!

We usually do a big shout-out for these changes, which we call updates. We’d love to see you there one day! Here’s a quick look at our latest one.

We’re the first bank in the world that lets you become CO2 free* in less than 2 years 🌳

With the recent launch of Easy Green, you can become CO2 free in less than 2 years. For every € 100 spent, on any card (including the beautiful Metal Card), Easy Green users plant 1 tree.

The beauty of Easy Green is the zero extra effort needed from your side. You simply spend your money as you usually would, we’ll take it from there.

bunq 🌈 not bank

Here are 7 reasons why bunq is a whole lot more than just another bank. We’re not only here to keep your money safely stored in an account - although we’re great at that too. We’re here to innovate your life, make things easy, save you time and hey, why not? Add a little fun.

* Based on the average yearly carbon footprint of a European citizen and the average number of trees planted each year by an Easy Green user. Learn more here.

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