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Easy Green

Sustainable business banking

  • Plant a tree for every €100 spent

  • Go plastic-free with a Metal Card

  • Budget and save, automatically

9 million trees and counting!

That’s right, Easy Green users have already planted over 9 million trees offsetting more than 115 million kg of CO2. That's close to 3 million flights all the way from Paris to New York City!

How does it work?

Together with Eden Reforestation Projects, for every €100 you spend we plant a tree at one of our reforestation projects in Kenya & Madagascar. Take the first step to becoming CO2-free today.


bunq Metal cards

Get a beautiful Mastercard crafted from sustainable steel, and enjoy added purchase protection & extended warranty.

Eco-friendly interest

Get the freedom to choose exactly where and when we invest your deposits, and earn interest on green investments.

Your business banking needs

Discover all the ways bunq makes managing your business finances easier than ever.

Easy money management

With bunq Web, you’re free to manage your money from any device you like with instant access to all the tools you need.

  • Upload and make SEPA XML payments online.

  • Scan & pay invoices without entering details manually.

  • Get a 360° overview of your budget & spending insights.


Simplify your accounts

Integrate bunq with your bookkeeping software in just a few clicks, and have your books update themselves automatically.

Go international

Bank in over 15 currencies with NL, DE, ES, FR & IE IBANs and easily take your venture global.

Take 100% control of your bank security

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Open your account in just 5 minutes, directly from your smartphone.
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