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Everything you need to know about managing your money at your destination, straight from the bunq app.


How does it work?

Wherever you go, the bunq app puts your mind at ease: exchange rates, which card to use, tips and tricks, and much more. Everything you need to enjoy carefree traveling, right at your fingertips. Simply tap the map icon in your bunq app’s Cards overview to discover your destination!


Welcome to your holiday!

When you arrive in your destination country, we’ll send you a push notification with some handy information. So you can start your holiday on the right foot!


Never get caught by surprise


Wondering if your bunq card will work in Botswana? Check our handy map! The green pins mean we’ve seen lots of bunqers use their cards in those countries, the yellow pins, only a few, and the grey pins, not much activity.


Don’t worry though! This doesn’t mean that your bunq cards won’t work in the grey-pin countries. It just means we haven’t picked up much action there, so it’s time to go and explore!


Get to know your holiday destination


We’ll tell you all sorts of cool things about your travel destination! Just tap the corresponding pin in the map overview, swipe up, and read the information!

Hi Five-Icon

You’ll find lots of handy tips like how much a beer costs where you are, what kind of plugs you’ll need there, if the country prefers cash or card - everything to get you going!


Leaving on good terms

We know that it’s hard to leave a great new country. That’s why when you get back home, we’ll send you a push notification telling you how much money you saved on your trip with bunq ZeroFX! It doesn’t always have to be a sad goodbye!


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