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We're bunq

bank of The Free

We offer mobile banking that makes life easy—wherever, whenever. Join us and discover a simple, sustainable, and user-centered way of banking that makes everyday finances 100% hassle-free.

Banking, revolutionized

All about you

Since 2012, we've been on a mission to revolutionize banking. By understanding the daily financial struggles of our users, we've created groundbreaking solutions that make life easy. We take pride in being trailblazers, always pushing boundaries and setting new records along the way.

Effortlessly sustainable

We're reinventing banking for a greener future. With us, you have the power to become CO2-free by planting trees while you spend. As pioneers in sustainability, we empower our users to decide where their deposits are invested, giving them control over their impact. Join our movement and help us shape a brighter, carbon-neutral future.

We know no borders

We believe in a world without borders, where everyone is free to spend, earn, trade, and do business globally without being held back by outdated banking systems. Embracing diversity, we provide multiple IBANs and support countless currencies, making it easier than ever for our users to live the international lifestyle they adore.

Our proudest moments

Explore some of our most special milestones.

March 2012

Our story begins...

In reaction to the economic crisis, Ali Niknam (CEO) set out to radically change the banking industry and created the bank of The Free with a group of ambitious innovators.Recognized for our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping our users, we were the first bank in more than 3 decades to receive a Dutch banking license. Time to build the best bank in the world!

November 2015

Launching to the Public

After a lot of hard work setting up the infrastructure for a new-age bank, building and testing our mobile app and getting ready to launch, we finally released bunq to the general public. As popularity sky-rocketed, we were met with praise, shock, and excitement for the future.

March 2017

World’s first open banking API

We’ve always believed in putting control in our users’ hands. Only two years after launching, we became the world's first bank to offer a fully open API, allowing anyone with basic coding skills to build automation, apps, and other awesome projects around bunq.

October 2019

Expansion across the EU

After already expanding into selected European countries, we made bunq available to all markets in the European Union, Norway and Iceland in 2019. And we weren’t stopping there...

July 2021

We became a unicorn!

We successfully completed the largest ever Series A round made by a European fintech. With a €193 million investment that led to a valuation of €1.6 billion, we welcomed our first investing partner, Pollen Street Capital. We’re here to stay!

Press & media

We like making headlines. If you have a media enquiry, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. If you need some media pics, we have those for you over on our press site, along with some other resources that might come in handy.

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