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We fit an entire bank in your pocket. A mobile phone is all you need to join us and open a bank account.

Multiple bank accounts

A bank account for every desire

Create up to 10 separate bank accounts - for free! Make one for your salary, the groceries, your vacation - you name it. Each account has its own IBAN.

10 free bank accounts with IBANs

keep an account for your salary, the groceries, or your next big trip

switch your debit card from one bank account to another instantly

creating an extra bank account is instant

Instant payments

Money from my phone to yours in 1 second

Send money to anyone by using your phonebook contacts. Just enter an amount and select your friend's phone number or e-mail address. Your fellow bunqer will receive the money instantly.

transfers to bunqers are instant

add emojis and pictures

send money to phone contacts, independent of their bank

you can send money to old-school IBANs too

Payment requests

Get your money back instantly

With bunq, money transfers are a two-way street. Bought your friends a couple of hot drinks on a cold day? Send them a payment request to ask your money back. You can add pictures to your request, too.

payment requests are sent and paid instantly

keep your friends in the loop with chat

add emojis and pictures

payment requests work with any bank supporting iDEAL/SOFORT

Shared bank accounts

A group bank account to share

Living together, going on a vacation with friends, or part of a student club? A group bank account is set up in a few seconds. Use it for groceries or your next road trip.

share a group bank account with as many other bunqers as you like

link debit cards to the shared account instantly

it's set up within a few seconds

optionally apply budget limits

A shared bank account is set up in 3 steps.


We would happily welcome you!

Read all about what you need to open a bunq bank account on together.bunq.com.

Join bunq

Get a full bank account in less than 5 minutes. For free. 

It's free

Your bank account is completely free of charge. The debit card is optional and costs €1,- a month.

Join us! Open a bank account with the app.

Amazing onboarding @bunq: Finished? Check!
Just the option of sharing a bank account makes bunq worthwhile.
I've opened a bank account @bunq from my place, on my phone, in 5 minutes. Awesome guys, you rock!