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Good to hear that you want to use iDIN at bunq! Below you will find the most important things you need to know about iDIN and how iDIN works exactly.

What is iDIN?

iDIN is a tool that allows you verify your identity online with your bunq account with a variety of counterparties, such as governmental institutions and webshops. This is only possible at certain companies and organizations which, just like bunq, have joined iDIN. They will have mentioned this fact on their website if this is the case. 

How does it work?

When you want to use iDIN with one of the affiliated organizations, you can simply scan the QR-code on the counterparty's website with your bunq app. The bunq app will then display which information we will share on your behalf. After this, the bunq app will ask you to confirm your identification using iDIN by inputting your security code, scanning your fingerprint or using face recognition. When you want to use iDIN more than once with the same counterparty, we may create a recognition number. Using this number will allow the app to recognize you immediately next time you try to use iDIN, which will only speed up the process.

What do we share?

As already mentioned, we will share some of your personal data if you want to use iDIN. This is up to you! We will only share your personal data if you have given us your consent. For more information, take a look at our Privacy & Cookie Statement on our website (www.bunq.com/privacy).


If you have any questions regarding specific identifications you have conducted with iDIN, then please contact the counterparty to which you identified yourself. In case you suspect that something has gone wrong with a particular iDIN-identification, please contact us via the bunq support chat. 

We store all data regarding an iDIN-identification for 13 months after the identification has been conducted.

Anything else?

Our terms and conditions (which can be found on www.bunq.com/terms), which you accepted upon opening your bunq account, also apply to the usage of iDIN. iDIN ensures that you can identify yourselves with third parties. As such, please ensure (as always) that no one else has access to your bunq account! If you suspect that someone else has access to your bunq account and that they are using iDIN in your name, please contact us via our support chat as soon as possible.

We ensure that iDIN is always available for you, but it can happen that iDIN is unavailable for a short period of time, for example during maintenance or a malfunction. bunq is not liable for any unavailability of iDIN or for any unpermitted usage, by you or by others, of iDIN via your account.

The need may arise for bunq to (temporarily) exclude you from usage of iDIN, for example if we suspect that you are misusing these services. We will inform you if this is the case!

These terms and conditions can be amended by us from time to time when the need arises. This is an English translation of the Dutch terms and conditions. Small differences might exist between the Dutch and English version. The Dutch version will prevail in case of any discrepancies or conflicts between the English and Dutch version.