bunq business

A full bank account for ‎just €1.- a month. A mobile phone is all you need to join us and open an account.

Real time updates

You are in control

bunq business puts you in charge. You’ll get real-time access to your money, instant payments, and the option to use your phone as a payment terminal. Forget cash, forget card machines - your phone is all you need!

payments are on your account instantly

your customers can pay with their phone

set up shop wherever you want

24/7 real-time account information

Create a QR code and your customers can pay you with their phone. Instantly.

Cashless small expenses

Small expenses without the hassle of cash

Get a debit card for every employee and keep track of company expenses in real time. Instantly share the transaction data with your accountant, and never worry about keeping receipts again.

just €1,- a month for transactions within Euro region

link multiple debit cards to your business account

no need to count cash or keep receipts

share transactions with your accountant instantly

Switch your debit card from one bank account to another in just 2 steps.

Support when you need it

Your phone is our branch

Need anything? Whether it’s assistance or a desire for new features, just leave a message on together.bunq.com. For confidential matters you can send us a private message in your bunq app and we’ll be happy to help! Our dedicated Support experts are also online during weekends and on public holidays.


We would happily welcome you!

Read all about what you need to open a bunq bank account on together.bunq.com.

Join bunq

Download the app, sign up, and within 5 minutes you're open for business!

Just €1.-

The optional debit cards come with a monthly fee. You can check out our simple overview for more information.

“We are extremely happy with our bank! An amazing new bank with an amazing service!”
“They have chat support, it's great!”
“Opened a business account with bunq today. With the speed of light!”