What is bunq?

Asking for money should be just as easy as giving it away.
A lot of people are really excited and have tons of questions. To all those enthusiasts we can only say one thing:
Just try it out

Martijn Husmann

"When I go to get a birthday gift, I often end up dividing costs with friends. The result is nice of course, but having to chase everyone for their share is a hassle. Splitting the bill through bunq is just great for these situations, since it saves a lot of effort!"

Tina van Middendorp 

"I really like not having to worry about money with my friends. Just sending a request directly after going out and it's fixed! And the neatest thing is of course that you can immediately add a photo of the cocktails we had that night ;)"

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Don't miss out
How do I get in?

Get a group together that wants to use bunq

Attract a bunqer's attention

Send your list to the bunqer and get invited

Join the club and have fun!

Tell your friends all about the keynote (but nothing more...)


How much is it
Having an account
Sending payments (to other banks)
Receiving payments (from other banks)
Sending payments (within bunq)
Receiving payments (within bunq)
Sending requests
bunq cards
Per card (once, valid for 4 years)
Withdrawal (in euros)
Card payment (in euros)
Withdrawal (in foreign currencies)
2.25 + 1.2%
Card payment (in foreign currencies)
0.04 + 1.2%

Want to know more about pricing? Check out our specification sheet