Hello! We're bunq, the bank renewed

We fit an entire bank in your pocket.


Some people are led by money. We rather follow our dreams.

by yourself

Do whatever you want, whenever you want it. And have fun doing it.

Set up dedicated bank accounts
Set up dedicated bank accounts
Instantly request your money back
Use one card for multiple bank accounts

with your friends

You have Whatsapp groups. Why not have a bank tailored towards groups as well?

Buying things with friends
Share an account with all your friends
Easily split the bill after dinner

for your business

As an entrepreneur it's important to be in control and be informed at all times. Receive your money realtime, even during holidays and only pay for what you actually use.

A debit card for all your employees
Contactless payments with bunq QR
Realtime payments at any time


We asked some of our users what they love about bunq!