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Working at bunq

Make a difference, [.highlight_orange] every day [.highlight_orange]

You’ll always solve interesting challenges for our users. Up for it? We’ll give you the space you need to succeed.

A re-defining opportunity

Be part of the magic: help us build the best banking experience out there.

Develop your best self

Whatever your entry level, you’ll get the chance to rise profesionally and personally.

Among like minded people

We’re all in the same boat, and the great thing is that everybody’s rowing along!


[.highlight_turquoise]bunq’s way[.highlight_turquoise] of working

We’re redefining what banking is and can do for our users. To succeed in this mission, we hold 3 principles close to our hearts:

- Owning our journeys at bunq

- Communicating clearly to eachother

- Always putting data first


Know the [.highlight_deep-blue]product[.highlight_deep-blue]

To make sure we’re always improving our app, we expect everyone in the company to know it inside-out. It’s important to us that bunqers do test cycles on a regular basis or use bunq in real life. This way, we can ensure we’re all contributing to spotting errors and making the experience better.


All for [.highlight_turquoise]Eva[.highlight_turquoise]

Meet our user, Eva. Every day, we build a product that makes life easy for her. We stay in touch with her needs, and make sure that she doesn’t have to worry about money admin with bunq. Before we build a new feature, we ask ourselves: does it serve Eva? It’s all for her.


Ready to make a difference?

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