Get shit done day

As the last step of our hiring process, this is your day to enjoy and experience what it’s like to be a bunqer.

How does it work?

We communicated the time we would like to kick off your Get Shit Done day in Amsterdam via a personal email and the day will end around 1800.

To test your knowledge and Get Shit Done mindset, we have a series of assignments relative to the vacancy ready for you to own. Present your bright ideas to your team lead and show us you've got what it takes to be a bunqer.

We have a great team of chefs who cook us dinner every night, so feel free to join us at 1830 if you like!

What you can expect from us:

Unlimited food & fuel to keep your engine running during the day;
A MacBook to work on;
Incredible colleagues to help you on your quest to get shit done!

How to prepare?

  • Download and onboard yourself into the app (it's free 🙌🏼)

The best way to get to know bunq users is to experience what they do. You'll get key information about the bunq experience whether you're going through the onboarding flow or making the fastest international payments on the planet.

  • Check out our social media channels and blog

Keep yourself update with the latest bunq news by following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin and see the latest partnerships and bunq company news via our blog.

  • Get excited

You'll be one of the very few who is allowed into our NDA zone to see where the magic happens and meet the brains and brawn behind our operation.

Swipe right with confidence

Traditional companies hire based on experience and reputation. At bunq we hire based on talent and growth potential. Therefore we go big on:

1. Ownership 💪🏼

You get to have an impact from day one by having true responsibilities from day 1. No need to go through thick layers of management or wait years for your turn. We entrust you with ownership and expect you to live up to that trust & deliver.

2. Effective communication 🗣

To help you execute your ownership efficiently, we’ve created a framework that we summarize as ‘Effective communication’. It’s about little things like confirming the receipt of messages, or defining in crystal clear terms at what time you expect something. All these little things add up to a big thing: you always know exactly what goes on.

3. Science driven shit 💻

To deliver the best banking experience known to man, in all our ownerships we put our users first. Put yourself in the user's shoes with everything you do, and they will love you for it.

Find our office here

Just a 4 minute walk from Sloterdijk station.

Find the bunqr here

Get inside the mind of our users

People asked for faster horses when what they needed was a car. In the world of banking, bunq is the car. Become a bunq user to see it for yourself. Download the bunq app and try it for free!

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