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On behalf of the whole crew: welcome aboard! We run a tight ship. To get you off to a smooth start, here are the bare essentials. We know working at bunq can seem a bit intimidating at first. We take our mission seriously. But don’t worry, we’re on the same team. As long as you do your job, fit in, and grow, you’ll be fine.

You applied!

You've started your journey to becoming a bunqer, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Thinking on your feet and picking up new information fast allows our bunqers to keep growing and never have a boring day.

Meet your recruiter

Learn more about bunq, the role and yourself by meeting one of our recruiters and completing the MBTI test.

Home Assignment

You've talked the talk, but now it's time to walk the walk. Show us your skills. *Not all roles have home assignments. Your recruiter will fill you in if it's applicable to you.

Meet Your Team Lead

Gain invaluable insight into your team, a deeper understanding of bunq and the work you'll be doing.

Get Shit Done Day

Experience first hand what it's like to work at bunq by spending a day at our office and meeting your future colleagues.

Welcome to bunq

Get inside the mind of our users

Delivering a great product means putting yourself in the shoes of your users and discovering their needs and desires. At bunq, we are our users.

Become a bunq user to see it for yourself. Download the bunq app and try it for free!

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