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Hackathon 5.0

March 8, 19:30 CET - March 9, 19:30 CET

Make your own AI assistant!

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How does it work?

Think you got what it takes to create the latest AI sensation? Sign up for the bunq Hackathon 5.0! For 24 hours, you get access to vast amounts of test data and the most advanced LLMs that power Finn, bunq’s own AI assistant. Fueled by your coding skills and all the food and drinks you could wish for, it’s up to you to wow us with the AI assistant of tomorrow.

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What’s in it for you?

Get the unique opportunity to gain knowledge from bunq’s leading software developers. All while creating your own AI sensation! The person or group who can demo the best AI-powered application in front of our jury after 24 hours, wins eternal bragging rights and €5,000!

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