bunq V3

Make Life Easy

Now more than ever are we committed to building the bank of The Free, to radically improve banking and the way we deal with money, enabling everyone to make life easy by saving, time, saving money and saving CO2.

Green Tribes

Multiply your green impact with your friends

Planting trees is now even more fun: create a tribe and invite your friends to join. Check the bunq app to see which tribe has planted the most trees. Want to increase your ranking? Simply invite more friends! Let the games begin!


Freedom of Choice

You decide if and how your money is invested

We value freedom of choice. That’s why bunq is the only bank in the world that lets you decide how your money gets invested. Full transparency all the time.


Common Goals

Support a cause and contribute to common goals

With bunq you can create a Common Goal whenever you want, for anything you want. Once you set it up you can instantly share it with anyone: friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, everyone can donate!



Save 3% when you spend abroad

Traditional banks charge you extra when using your card for non-Euro currency payments. We don’t. It’s that simple!

V3_Benefit_Zero Fx


Automatically categorize your spending so you know where to cut back and save

bunq will categorize all outgoing payments automatically. By knowing where your money goes, you can save up to 10% without any effort.


Sign up in just 5 minutes

Sign up in 5 minutes for your free 1 month trial of bunq Easy Green Personal. You only need your phone, address and ID.