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bunq Update 12!

Experience the bank that listens to your wants and desires. You shared tons of ideas for features that you wanted... and we built them for you at bunq Update 12. Check them out.

Now available for bunq Travel Card users:


Automatically track group expenses, without any manual input

Going on a holiday with friends? Open a Slice Group. All your card transactions will be added to your group automatically, so you can keep track of who paid for what without any manual input. And when it’s time to settle the balance, it takes but a tap in the app.

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Now available for bunq Business users:


Automatically have the VAT amount ready when the tax man comes

Simply enable Incoming Auto VAT to set aside VAT on incoming payments, and Outgoing Auto VAT to reclaim the VAT on outgoing payments, so you never waste time on the tax man again.

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All your receipts digitized and stored with the right payments, automatically

Save precious time on your bookkeeping: scan all your receipts in one go and let the bunq app match them to the right payments. Need to find a receipt? Simply search a keyword and find it instantly. Need to share a receipt with your bookkeeper? Simply export it as a PDF!

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Instantly resolve failed card payments

Made a card payment that didn't go through? No sweat, you can undo the payment with a tap in the app, and we'll take it from there. Leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

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Now available for bunq Premium users:


Keep your account balance to yourself wherever you go

Using bunq in a public place? Simply use Hidden Balance to hide the numbers in the bunq app, so only you can see your balance.

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Know how much you can afford

Need to buy something and not sure if you can afford it? The bunq app can predict your future balance, so you know exactly how much you can spend today.

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Enjoy carefree traveling

Wherever you go, the bunq app puts your mind at ease: exchange rates, which card to use, tips and tricks, and much more. Everything you need to enjoy carefree traveling, right at your fingertips.

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One final feature...


Save money, simply by knowing how you spend it

Save up to 10% by automatically categorizing your spending. With bunq Insights you know exactly what you spend your money on, automatically.

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Make your life easy!

All these amazing features are now available from the App Store and from Google Play. Update your app now!

Updates from history

Discover how we built bunq to meet your wants and desires, and how we’ve become the de facto innovator in the banking industry. Check out the countless cool features we launched at previous Updates!


Expect the unexpected

July 2019

Slice groups: track your group expenses automatically. No hassles, just a clear overview with easy settling. Siri shortcuts: advanced control over your money, using just your voice. Bookkeeping features to save you time: auto save your VAT, auto export your statements, receipt scan-and-search. And finally, control your money right from your desktop with bunq Web.


To here and beyond

February 2019

The highest interest rate: Benefit from an interest rate 9 times higher than what you’d get at traditional banks. Plus you get interest over all your accounts, not just savings accounts. Google Pay, the fast, simple way to pay with your phone in millions of places, on sites and in stores. Online Cards: want to shop online and stay safe at the same time? Create an Online Card on the spot.


Business First

November 2018

Invoice Scanning: simply scan an invoice and the bunq app will fill in all payment details automagically. Add or remove a director without any paperwork or waiting, simply by using the app. Approve SEPA XML batch payments on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want.


Get paid back easily

July 2018, your personal payment link that will never expire. And once your friends pay you, the money will arrive in your account instantly.


Apple Pay

March 2018

Apple Pay: paying in stores, apps, and on the web has never been easier, safer, or more private. To make sure your money and data are as safe as can be, we moved our entire infrastructure to the Amazon Cloud.


More for less

November 2017

bunq Pack: enjoy the freedom of bunq with friends, family and partner(s): bunq Pack lets you share the bunq experience with 3 other people. Dual PIN: use one card for any of your sub-accounts, whenever and wherever you want.


World-class mobile banking

August 2017

bunq Mastercard: enjoy the best global coverage available today with your bunq Mastercard. For optimal security, it comes with a CVC you control, straight from the app. And with the launch of bunq Premium, you can now enjoy truly world-class mobile banking.


Easily track group expenses

November 2016

Slice: enjoy your next holiday or dinner with friends even more, by easily keeping track of your group expenses.


Grow your business

May 2016

Entrepreneurs can now enjoy the benefits of bunq, thanks to the launch of bunq Business. And sending payments and requests has never been easier as we became the first mobile bank with iDEAL integration.


bunq goes public

November 2015

People can now use their phone for their banking needs, along with our beautiful cards. The first fully mobile bank of the Netherlands is now live.


Beta launch

September 2015

The world got a first glimpse of the future of banking. After obtaining our European banking license we launched our first closed beta with our first 1,000 users. We sold out in 1 hour.


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