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Accounts for refugees

Open a bank account in just 5 minutes

Ukrainian citizens who’ve had to leave their home can now open a free bunq account to easily make payments outside Ukraine.


Who’s eligible?

Any Ukrainian citizen currently in the EEA that has had to flee Ukraine is eligible for a free bunq account for 3 months.


How does it work?

Download the bunq app and sign up. Once you’ve verified your identity with a valid Ukrainian passport or identity card, we’ll automatically open your free account.


People for People

If you currently need assistance getting to a safe place away from the conflict, please contact our partner organisation, People for People, who will do their best to help you reach safety.


Guide to opening your account

in Ukrainian 🇺🇦

in Russian 🇷🇺

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Open your account in just 5 minutes, directly from your smartphone.
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