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a place for The Free

We are free together

Here's bunq

We're here to break free from the status quo and challenge what banking is and can do for you.

What do we stand for

We stand for; Transparency, Freedom and Continuous Improvement, which help us make your life easy so you can save time, save money and save CO2.

Who are The Free

Free independent thinkers that want the freedom to live life on their own terms. Their ambitious mindset and focus on sustainability motivates them to make their mark on the world.

Build bunq

Join The Free in building a bank that is changing the world. Find your next challenge with us.

bunq Together

See how The Free use bunq and help each other with our home grown, bunq built support community.

Voice of The Free

Scratch your inquisitive nature by reading through the latest hot topics that give you an inside look at everything bunq.

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Work Hard, Perform Harder, Refuel Faster

As part of The Free, you're not only driven by your work, but also by your ability to achieve new heights when the laptops are closed. At our bunqr's Europe-wide, you'll find:

  • Monday - Cycling Club 18:30
  • Tuesday - Backend Deploy Night (Coding Candy!!) 18:00
  • Wednesday - Bootcamp 18:30 / Football 19:30
  • Thursday - Basketball 18:30
  • Friday - bunq Weekly 18:00

For The Free, daily healthy dinners cooked by our fabulous in-house chefs are served at 18:30 or available for takeaway.

Now this one's for the devs

Building your own bank is tough and incredibly fun! Take it from us, we've been doing it for a while. But it doesn't need to be hard for you. When you're Free you are truly free to decide what you want to build and the way you do it. We've got two options for you:

Our open banking API

Reshape your banking experience the way you want it by and build fintech apps you can't build anywhere else.

Join the Tech team

Challenge yourself and the old-school banks by building the bank of The Free.

Freedom never came so easy

Are you a free independent thinker? Download the app and get started in less than 30 seconds