Save while you sleep

Save while you sleep

Auto Save

Save money automatically

Effortlessly save money for those must have items without thinking about it. Latest iPhone? New car? Summer holiday? Whatever the case, we round up each payment and invest it towards your savings goal...automatically! Paid €3.20 for a sandwich? Congrats, you just saved 80 cents!

Savings Goal

Effortlessly save money for anything you want

Create a Savings Goal for anything you need, so you always know what you're saving for. Set a goal and start saving effortlessly with bunq


Send money across the world 8x cheaper than any other bank

With bunq and Wise, you can safely send money to 39 supported currencies and always get the real exchange rate. Saving you money with no hidden fees.

bunq Deals

Get amazing discounts with bunq

Save money wherever you go, whatever you do. Whether it's finding the perfect hotel room, or using bunq to automate your bookkeeping, bunq Deals make it super easy for you to save money every step of the way.


Make your money work 9x harder for you

At 0.09%, bunq gives you an interest rate 9x higher than traditional banks. Don't want free money? You can turn it off with a single tap from the app.

Auto VAT

Always have your VAT amount ready

Always have your VAT amount ready for the tax man. The bunq app sets aside VAT amount on all incoming and outgoing payments automatically, saving you time.

Multiple Tradenames

Use multiple trade names with zero paperwork

Get total control of the trade name your client sees: build trust faster, get paid quicker. The moment your trade name is registered, easily add it to your business account directly from the bunq app.

Switch Service

Switch to bunq with zero effort

Make bunq your primary account in seconds. Request the Dutch Switch Service in the app and we'll do the rest: all your payments and direct debits will be forwarded from your old account(s) to your bunq account.

Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

Enjoy carefree shopping: get extended warranty and purchase protection on all your Metal Card purchases.

Get Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty on purchases made with your bunq Metal Card. Simply apply through the bunq app and we'll take care of the rest. Easy.

Apple Pay

The safe and fast way to pay

Paying in stores, apps, and on the web has never been easier, safer, and faster. Enjoy all the benefits of your bunq card using Apple Pay with your phone or Apple Watch.

Google Pay

The fast, simple way to pay

Pay safer and faster in millions of places, on sites, in apps and in stores using your bunq card with Google Pay. Available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal.

Loyalty Cards

Your loyalty cards in one place

Never worry about bringing dozens of loyalty cards with you. Simply add them to the app and have full access anytime, anywhere.

Refund Request

Instantly resolve failed card payments

Made a card payment that didn't go through? No sweat. Simply undo the payment with a simple tap in the bunq app, leaving you carefree with more time to focus on your business.


Share your details in a safe and secure way

iDIN is a secure method of verifying your age, identity and signing documents. You can identify yourself with third parties (government bodies, insurance agencies, web stores) using this centralised login. Let the bank of The Free bring you some peace of mind with iDIN.

Siri Advanced Shortcuts

Bank with your voice

Advanced control of your money using just your voice. Use preset commands, or set up your own advanced Siri shortcuts to add a personal touch to your banking experience.

Batch Payments

Automatically pay all invoices right from your phone

You don't have time to pay invoices or salaries individually. In a simple tap, bunq allows you to automatically set up all payments in one go.

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Try bunq for free

Sign up in 5 minutes to join The Free. You only need your phone.