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Ever expected a bank could make your life easy? A bank that makes your finances insightful and fun? So you can just enjoy life and not worry about money? Check out how bunq can make your life easy, today.


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Managing your money has never been easier

Easy budgeting

Keep a clear overview of your finances by opening as many sub-accounts as you want. Each comes with its own IBAN, so you can use them for direct debits, online payments and your cards as well. Want to link your cards to two sub-accounts at the same time? Check out our patent-pending Dual PIN technology.

Easy savings

Like to save money without having to think about it? Just set up Auto Save and every payment you make will be rounded up to the next nearest Euro, saving the difference. Paid €3.20 for a sandwich? You save 80 cents automatically!

To make saving even easier you can also set up Savings Goals, enrich them with a picture of what you are saving for, and then track your progress as you get closer and closer to your goal. Saving money has never been easier.

Save money, simply by knowing how you spend it

Save up to 10% by automatically categorizing your spending. With bunq Insights you know exactly what you spend your money on, automatically.

Sort your salary automagically

bunq automatically sends your salary to the right sub-account, so you can enjoy budgeting so easy you don't even have to think about it.

You’re always in charge, 100% of the time

Always know what's going on


You’ll always know what’s going on with your money thanks to instant notifications. Get them for each card payment, direct debit or any other transaction.


Experience total safety by blocking cards, changing PINs or adjusting limits in realtime.


Got a direct debit? You’ll get a notification upfront, so you can decide to approve it or not.

Get paid easily


Enjoy the easiest and fastest way to get your money back. Paid for drinks? Simply use our in-app calculator to know how much your friends owe you, then send them your link: your personal payment link that anyone in the world can use. It works with credit card and iDEAL payments. And once your friends pay you, the money will arrive in your account instantly.


Want to split the bill instead? With just a few taps in the app you can split any payment with whomever you want. Your friends get a request to pay their share instantly. No hassle, no waiting.

Effortless card management


Whether it’s changing PINs, linking your card to a different sub-account, (de-)activating or blocking your card, all it takes is a few taps in the app.


Any card setting you change takes effect instantly. So you can manage everything to your liking, effortlessly.

Advanced control over your money, using just your voice

Hi Five-Orange

Thanks to Advanced Siri Integrations, you can enjoy total control over your money: split your last card payment with friends, check which account is linked to your card, switch the account your card is linked to, add money from another bunq account to your main account, and generate a QR payment code. Controlled entirely with your voice.

Carefree travel

Enjoy carefree traveling: everything you need to know about managing your money at your destination, straight from the bunq app. Wherever you go, the bunq app puts your mind at ease: exchange rates, which card to use, tips and tricks, and much more. Everything you need to enjoy carefree traveling, right at your fingertips.

Save up to 3%

Always get the real exchange rate and save up to 3% on your next travel.

The best global acceptance

Enjoy the best global acceptance with a true credit card, without having the burden of debt.

Free global ATM withdrawals

Up to 10 monthly withdrawals are included in your subscription. Whether you use your card to withdraw money close to home or ten time zones away, you won’t be charged for extra withdrawal fees.

Mastercard and Maestro included

Traveling to a Mastercard country? A Mastercard is included in your Premium subscription. Traveling to a Maestro card country? That’s included too! Get your cards now.

TransferWise included

Send money across the world at the real exchange rate, thanks to our partnership with TransferWise. Send or receive money in 39 supported currencies, directly from the app. Super easy.

Safety everywhere

Stay extra safe by blocking and unblocking countries for your cards as you travel around the globe.

The best with friends, family or partner(s)

Track group expenses automatically


Going on a holiday with friends? Open a Slice Group. All your card transactions will be added to your group automatically, so you can keep track of who paid for what without any manual input.


And when it’s time to settle the balance, it takes but a tap in the app.

Easy sub-account sharing


Like to have a shared bank account with your friends, family or partner(s)? Set one up with a few taps in the app.


No paperwork or branch visits required.

Smart tech solutions

Shop online safely

Want to shop online and stay safe at the same time? Create an Online Card on the spot. Done shopping? Dispose of your Online Card so you never have to worry about it again.

Snugly integrated with your phone

Apple Pay supported. Google Pay supported. Using multiple cards for Apple Pay or Google Pay? Pick a different design for each card, so you always spot the right one instantly.


Investing for good

The highest interest rate


Benefit from an interest rate 9 times higher than what you’d get at traditional banks.


Plus you get interest over all your accounts, not just savings accounts. Interest is paid to you every month, so you don’t have to wait a full year to benefit.

Sustainable by default


Prevent being an accessory to destroying our planet. At bunq we only invest ethically.

Hi Five-Orange

Better yet, we’re the only bank in the world where you have the freedom of choice. You decide what happens with the money that bunq invests.

Sustainable by default


Prevent being an accessory to destroying our planet. At bunq we only invest ethically.

Hi Five-Orange

Better yet, we’re the only bank in the world where you have the freedom of choice. You decide what happens with the money that bunq invests.

Total control over your money, on any of your devices

Don't have your phone on you? No problem. With bunq, you can control your banking from your desktop and your Apple Watch too. Easy!

bunq on your desktop

Control your money right from your desktop: get a wide-screen overview of your balances, view all of your transactions and events, freeze your card right from your desktop, and accept or decline payment requests, all without needing your phone. You wanted it. We did it. (Even though we swore we never would!).

bunq on your Apple Watch

The most amazing bunq features, all from the comfort of your Apple Watch: link your cards to your sub-accounts, view sub-account balances, accept payment requests, and pay online without your phone by viewing your CVC and accepting 3D Secure payments. All using your wrist.


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