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Suspect Fraud


This document is here to guide you if you have fallen victim to a fraudster.
If you would like to know more about the common types of fraud and how to recognise them, please follow this link.

What to do if you fell victim?

First of all, DO NOT feel ashamed that this has happened to you. The person who tricked you should be ashamed of themselves and their behaviour.

Secondly, take all the measures you can to keep your money safe. Change the  log-in codes for your banking-app immediately. If you feel like it’s necessary, you can always store your money safely in another account of your own, if you have access to that (so please do not comply with fraudsters instructions to transfer money to a “safe-keeping account”, with regard to the information about spoofing in the 'how to recognise fraud’ document).

Thirdly, gather all the information you have. Take screenshots of conversations, websites, IBAN’s, etc. and report the scam to both your own bank, the fraudster’s bank, and the police.

We take your safety really seriously, and always follow up immediately on notifications by users, other banks and the police.

Do you want to report a fraudster? Please follow this link to our website.

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