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bunq Business

Easy Money

  • Budget and save, automatically

  • Simplify your bookkeeping

  • Easily take your business global


Budget with bunq

Save precious time and money with super simple budgeting tools and watch your finances flourish month on month.

  • Up to 25 sub-accounts, each with its own NL/DE/ES/FR/IE IBAN.

  • Custom spending limits, monthly financial insights.

  • Manage company and employee spending with up to 25 DigiCards.


Go international, effortlessly

Get multiple NL, DE, ES, FR & IE IBANs, and bank in as many as 16 currencies to take your business global.


Fully integrate your bookkeeping

Link the bunq app to your bookkeeping software in just a few taps and keep your accounts up-to-date in real time. Have your VAT calculated and put aside by the app automatically and get more time to grow your business.


Take 100% control of your bank security

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