bunq +1

Sharing a bank account made easy

Experience the ease of a joint account, whenever you want, with whomever you want. No branch visits, no paperwork, no waiting lines.


Create a joint account with your partner in one tap

You and your +1 both get access to the account and your +1 gets a card too!

Get it for just €2,99/month

Create an account for your child in one tap

Give your child their own bank account with a card, while you keep a full view over their spending. No branch visits, no paperwork, no waiting lines.

Get it for just €2,99/month

Your +1 gets...


Full access to a shared sub-account of your choosing.


A card of their own so they can pay directly from your shared subaccount.


One free ATM withdrawal per month.

Sign up in just 5 minutes

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