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The Netherlands

Discover how bunq users are contributing to the reforestation of over 14 hectares of land in Leersum

1,250 trees being planted

Contributing to a total of 60,493 trees planted in previously barren fields.

14 hectares

That’s more or less 21 whole football fields of reforested land!


The project is scheduled to be completed before spring 2023.

Why we’re planting trees in Leersum

In the province of Utrecht, years of agriculture have turned former grasslands and forests into barren fields. To restore the robust forests and ecosystems that once provided the Netherlands with clear air and water, and to contribute to the offsetting of CO2 emissions, bunq users are proudly regreening the area.


Why mangrove trees?

At our reforestation projects both in Kenya & Madagascar, we’re planting mangrove trees. The soils in which they grow are super carbon sinks, absorbing massive amounts of CO2, and are great at protecting communities from the impact of natural disasters.Want to check one out? Come and visit our very own mangrove at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam!

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